Notes for: Laurence Taylor

NOTE: the notes below have been copied to Elisabeth Barnabee's general notes to assist in researching both persons.

Elisabeth is unconfirmed thou dates and location indicate a very good match.

Elisabeth was born in West Hoathly Sussex, and married a Laurence Taylor in March 1783...this marriage took place in Shoreditch London which was out of her native county. A reason for this is that if I take the birth of their first born child Charlotte in Jul 1783 it may have been a rushed marriage so the child was not born out of wedlock.

Information found indicates that couples did get married out of their native counties so as to by pass the parish church banns and to speed up their marriage.

Both children have the first name Elisabeth noted as being their surname was noted in the LDS IGI.

Both of her children were christened in West Hoathly Sussex.

The fact that her first name, dates and locations fit the criteria warrants more research.

1820 - A Removal Order was issued by Salehurst Sussex for Elisabeth to return to Burwash after her husband Laurence "had deserted her". (See notes under Seperated in the Events column for Elisabeth).

Note that Charlotte Glyde (nee Taylor) and family, daughter of Laurance and Elisabeth Taylor were living in Salehurst around 1810, so the familes may have moved to Salehurst from West Hoathly at some time.

The fact that Elisabeth was to be removed to Burwash from Salehurst is of interest, this requires more research to determine why Burwash was selected.
There is a Laurence Taylor born in Burwash so this adds to the possibility that this Laurence Taylor was the Taylor born in Burwash.