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Husband: Henry Novell
Relationship: Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Father: Mother:
Wife: Sarah Vaughan Married: 20 Jul 1769 in Twickenham Middlesex England
Relationship: Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother Father: Mother:
F Child 1: Elizabeth Novell Relationship: Great Great Great Great Grandmother Born: 1770 in Middlesex England 1 Resided: 1841 Listed in Census 2 Resided: 1841 in Twickenham Middlesex England 2 Census: 1851 Listed in Census 1 Resided: 1851 in 72 Back Lion Road Twickenham Middlesex England 1 Resided: 1857 Twickenham Middlesex England 3 (see note 1) Husband: Thomas King b. 19 Mar 1775 d. Pre 1857 Married: 3 Jun 1793 in Ealing Middlesex England 4
Sources: (1) UK Govt, Census - 1851 England (1851). Census dates were 30-31 March 1851, (Copy on File) (2) UK Govt, Census - 1841 England (1841). Census date was the night of 7 June 1841. (Copy on File) (3) NSW Govt, Immigration Documents - Ship "Vocalist" (1857). (Copy on File) (4) Pallots Marriage Index for England 1780 - 1837, Thomas King and Elizabeth Novell (1793). [Copy on File] Event Notes Note (1) Elizabeth Novell was still living in Twickenham England at the time of her daughter Sarahs emmigration to Australia. Note: Click the link below if there is no MAIN MENU at the top of the Page http://warwicktaylor.com/fam-hist Note: Personal details of living persons have been omitted Note: AGES are only accurate if a death year is known Name Index