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William Young
Born: 4 Sep 1841 in 42 Alfred Street Poplar Middlesex England 1,2 (see note 1) Census: 1851 Listed in Census 2 Resided: 1851 in 34 Pitchbone Street Paddington Marylebone Middlesex England 2 (see note 2) Occupation: 1851 Scholar 2 Mother: Harriet Young (1818 - )
Sources: (1) General Register Office England, Birth Certificate - William Young (471/1841). Informant: Harriet Young, Mother of 42 Alfred Street Poplar, Fathers name is not listed on Williams birth certificate. (Copy on File) (2) UK Govt, Census - 1851 England (1851). Census dates were 30-31 March 1851, (Copy on File) Event Notes Note (1) Williams fathers name is not listed on Williams birth certificate. Note (2) William was residing at his Uncle and Aunts (William and Hetty Taylor (nee Young)) residence at the time of the 1851 Census. Note: Click the link below if there is no MAIN MENU at the top of the Page http://warwicktaylor.com/fam-hist Note: Personal details of living persons have been omitted Note: AGES are only accurate if a death year is known Name Index