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Husband: Johann Scharmer died at age: 51
Relationship: Great Great Great Grandfather Born: 15 Jun 1795 in Glindesmohr Holhenfelde Germany 1 Baptized: 18 Jun 1795 in Hohenfelde 1 Died: 1847 at sea (Ship lost in North Sea) 1 Buried: 1847 At Sea: North Sea 1 Father: Jochim Scharmer Mother: Elsabe Timmermann
Wife: Anna Peters died at age: 66 Married: 8 Feb 1829 in Elmshorn Schleswig-Holstein 1
Relationship: Great Great Great Grandmother Born: 8 Apr 1798 in Wedencampe Elmshorn Holstein Germany 1 Baptized: 11 Apr 1798 in Elmshorn Schleswig-Holstein 1 Died: 19 Feb 1865 in Armenhaus (Poorhouse) Elmshorn Holstein Germany 1 Buried: 22 Feb 1865 in Elmshorn Schleswig-Holstein 1 Father: Jochim Peters (1774 - ) Mother: Catharina Margaretha Koch (1773 - )
F Child 1: Anna Scharmer died at age: 40 Relationship: Great Great Grandmother Born: 9 Nov 1834 in Bauerweg Sandberge Germany 2,1 Died: 17 Dec 1874 in Werkhaus (Workhouse) Elmshorn Holstein Germany 1 Buried: 20 Dec 1874 in Elmshorn Schleswig-Holstein 1 Husband: Carl Seitz Not married: 1859 2 (see note 1) Husband: Johann Thee Married: 10 Apr 1859 (see note 2)
Sources: (1) Hans-Joachim Kammradt, Kirchenkreisarchivar Ev-Luth. Kirchenkreis Rantzau Elmshorn Germany, Family Tree - SCHARMER Anna - researched by Robert Sykes (2002). Information researched and sourced by Robert Sykes Moruya NSW, (Copy on File) (2) EV.-KUTH. Kirchenkreis Rantzau Elmshorn Germany, Baptism Certificate - Joahann Joachim Scharmer / Seitz (61/1859). Researched by Robert Sykes, Moruya NSW. (Copy on File) Event Notes Note (1) Relationship only thru an indecent act... it might be that Johann was born as the result of an indecent act. Note (2) This is unconfirmed at time of compiling this file. Note: Click the link below if there is no MAIN MENU at the top of the Page http://warwicktaylor.com/fam-hist Note: Personal details of living persons have been omitted Note: AGES are only accurate if a death year is known Name Index