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Husband: Robert Robey
Relationship: Great Great Great Great Grandfather Christened: 14 Feb 1756 in Church: Charney Berkshire England 1 Father: Robert Robey Mother: Anna Maria Weston
Wife: Martha Maddons Married: 25 Dec 1776 in Church: Steventon Berkshire England 2
Relationship: Great Great Great Great Grandmother Father: Mother:
M Child 1: Thomas Robey
M Child 2: William Robey
F Child 3: Anna Maria Robey
F Child 4: Mary Robey died at age: 67 Relationship: Great Great Great Grandmother Born: 1789 in England 3 Christened: 23 May 1790 in Charney Berkshire England 4 Census: 1841 in Listed in Census 5 Resided: 1841 in Coley Street Reading Berkshire England 5 Occupation: 1856 Widow of Benjamin Buckner - Builder 3 Died: 14 Aug 1856 in 6 Cadugan Place Reading Berkshire England 3 Cause of death: Fatty Heart 3 Husband: Benjamin Buckner b. 3 Nov 1788 d. 27 Jun 1848 Married: 15 Jul 1811 in Church: East Challow Berkshire England 6 Notes
M Child 5: Giles Robey
F Child 6: Martha Robey
M Child 7: James Robey
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